My $10.00 Rain Bucket in less than 30 minutes

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This rain bucket project took about 30 minutes to complete and cost me about $10.00 for the Trash can:

Tools Used:

Drill with 1″ Spade Bit

1 Sawsall


I purchased a basic vinyl trash can with a lid for about $10.00

I also purchased a 1″ PVC male adapter for about .32

You can find these at your local home improvement store

This will be the exit point for my hose


Location: I chose this location underneath a main downspout:



I removed the bottom part of the spout just high enough that it would drain into the Rain Bucket.

I then drilled a 1″ hole at the bottom of the Rain Barrel





I then used some standard pipe joint compound and put it on the threads and screwed the adapter from the inside.



Now that I have the exit for the hose, I am ready to cut the access for the downspout

Once I lined up the Downspout to the Rain Bucket, I marked the area and cut the hole using the Sawsall.




After some finagling, it was nice and tight.

I caulked around the opening to keep any mosquitoes or other critters from entering.

I cut another downspout opening from the top for an overflow. I caulked this opening as well.

I filled the Rain bucket with Water to test it all out.



I ran the hose down the hill for about 50 feet and tested the pressure…



Not Bad for my first attempt!



  1. Comment by The Tiny Homestead:

    I’m impressed with how simple it is, but it seems to really do the job. Well done!

  2. Comment by Lorin:

    Good design, very simple. Where does your overflow go? Have you tried to hook it up to a soaker? Do you have any issues with mosquitoes? How much did that trash can cost?


  3. Comment by Gravity Gardener:


    Thanks for the comment… I out the overflow on the top on the opposite side of the inlet. I have not tried a soaker, but I am sure it will work fine.

    No issues with mosquitoes as long as the lid stays sealed . It came with the trashcan and cost about $10.00 from Walmart.

    Hope that helps.

    Gravity Gardener

  4. Comment by sje:

    Might want to filter on the downspout to keep the leaves out – I’ve got one of these:

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