small itchy red bumps

Small Itchy Red Bumps

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You begin to notice a line of red itchy bumps appearing on the side of your face, arms or legs. These small red bumps may have erupted overnight and be a result of exposure to poison ivy.

If you are certain that no exposure to poison ivy has taken place, then they could be what is known as small flat warts..


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Warts can become resident on due to direct contact with a form of the human papillomavirus. Flat warts in particular can be transmitted between hosts by sharing shaving razors. These itchy red warts can also spread into several areas of the body by using the same shaver on the face, hands or arms once infected with the virus.

This condition is usually identified by small flat pink or light brown or yellow raised circles spaced apart in a one or more lines on the face, arms or legs. Flat warts are more common in children and teenagers. Teenage females will most likely have flat warts located in several areas along their legs which can usually be attributed to their shaving regimen.

Although warts can go away by themselves they can reappear if the virus is still resident inside the body. There are several avenues you can pursue to remove the flat warts if they become bothersome. These types of skin anomolies can be more painful emotionally than physically, especially if you are a teenager. Any type of perceived abnormality can become a major issue and cause self consciousness. 

In conclusion, the red itchy bumps that have shown up on the face or legs could be attributed to many different types of skin issues, but the flat wart may be possibility to rule out first.

There is an old wives tale that if your palm itches, you will be receiving money in the near future.

However, having red itchy palms is not always a good thing to look forward to.

This issue can result if the body tends to undergo an inordinate amount of sweat

The ability to sweat is the body's mechanism to remove heat from the body in an efficient manner. Excessive and unnecessary sweating can also be known as hyperhidrosis, a condition that symptomatically affects the hands, feet and underarms where the body's sweat glands reside.

This condition can become very uncomfortable and distracting during the day or night and can be quite embarrassing in a social circles or daily work environments. Even though the result is more an annoyance than anything else, it is recommended that a physician be seen if the following occurs:

1. The onset of sweating becomes excessive in a short period of time and is more than normally experienced.

2. Your daily life is adversely affected by excessive sweating and excessive discomfort in the hands or feet.

3. An increase of night sweats without valid reasons

Hyperhidosis affects thousands of people and can be detrimental to a person's life and self confidence. If you feel you sweat more than the normal person, having the occasional red itchy palms could be symptomatic of excessive sweating. Even though the body sweats as a normal function during an increase of physical activity, there are natural treatments and methods to successfully stop overactive sweating and obtain a normal lifestyle.

Do You Have Red Itchy Bumps on Your Hand? - It Could Be the Common Wart!

The red itchy bumps that have erupted on your hand are now more noticeable than ever. The common wart can show up on anyone that has come in direct contact with the human papillomavirus. Once the virus begins to take hold, the site can present with a single wart or multiple eruptions along the hand or finger.

The common wart can come in many shapes, sizes and surfaces. One type can look like a small irregular shaped bump that is rough to the touch while others can show up as small concentric bumps that are smooth on contact.

Blood is fed to the site through small blood vessels at the center of the wart and can show up as small black dots when closely examined. In addition, the skin is distorted as the site grows into various forms and configurations.

Warts can spread to other parts of the body and to other hosts through contact and sharing of personal items like razors, towels and washcloths. It is highly recommended to prevent exposure to others by sharing personal care items even though it is not a guarantee that the virus will spread. Some individuals are more susceptible to the virus and can easily contract warts through this transmission method.

Once a wart has become visible it can last for quite awhile at the site and go away on its own. However, there are several avenues you can pursue to remove the wart if it becomes bothersome. Although warts are not usually painful, they are quite ugly and can cause self consciousness and embarrassing. Red itchy bumps can be due to many skin issues, but the common wart may be the easiest one to rule out first...

small itchy red bumps

3 Steps to long term Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is not a quick walk around the track after a stop at your local burger joint.  It is a long term plan and strategy that you define and execute consistently. Sensible eating and moderate exercise are the true combination to assist in losing weight and becoming more fit and healthy.

So, if now is the time to pick up a new lease in life, increase your stamina and decrease your level of fat and sugar intake, then by all means look to develop a plan around your goals and objectives.
Here are 3 steps to get started:

1.    Before starting any new program, get a physical and discuss your desire with your doctor. They will give you guidance and point you in the right direction based on the results of your physical and long term goals. Ask about recommendations around nutrition, and your current physical state to determine if the activities you might enjoy are feasible.

2.    Before you decide to change your eating habits, document all the foods you eat over a week or two. This will help you set a baseline of your current dietary habits and choices. Once you see what you have been consuming, determine the areas you might want to address first, like sugar or fat intake.

3.    Develop a plan around the type of food and exercise choices you are willing to make initially. Keep it simple and reasonable in the type of change you are willing to make in the beginning.

If you start to make small changes with gradual adjustments, you are more likely to stick with your program. If you try to make drastic changes all at once, your willingness to continue will be less successful because you will feel that it is too difficult and abandon your plan.

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