Dog Treats – A great way to give your pooch something tasty and healthy….

Chips, Salsa, Pretzels and Kielbasa; all the ingredients needed for the big tailgate party. It does not get any better than this! Your van is decked out with the traditional blue and white from bumper to bumper, a true masterpiece that shows knows exactly who you and your new buddy Jake root for! There is no doubt, no misunderstanding that you are a serious fan and aren’t afraid to show it!

Kong – A Very Popular Toy Strong, Durable and hours of fun for your little chewer. You can even put treats inside and they will try to figure out how to get the “Prize” inside.

This toy comes in multiple sizes to make the best match for your dog… A definite must for your puppy or grown dog!

Another Cool tool is a device that actually grinds the pet nail in

a much more controlled fashion than the typical cutting concept. This battery powered tool that has a small cylindrical drum sander protruding from it that spins at high speeds. As you hold the paw in one hand, you can maneuver the edge of the sander to each nail to grind down the nail and remove the sharp edges. It requires little effort, but takes care of business very easily and quickly.