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Build Customer Loyalty

Businesses are driven by the needs of their customers. Many companies perish because they cannot align their product or service to the needs and wants of the customer. Outstanding Customer Service is an evolutionary process that must be entrenched in the company culture or the customer will go elsewhere.

Many companies lose their way when they become successful. The sound of the cash register drowns out the voice of customers clamoring for better service or products. When the company begins to lose sight of their core business strategy and their value to the customer, the business can suffer dramatically.

Customer service is a natural feedback mechanism that many companies have ignored over the last several years. As more attention was placed on acquiring new business, many organizations were satisfied to lose some of their client base customers as new ones were plentiful and always walking in the door. Over the past decade, customer satisfaction suffered immensely as upper management reduced internal resources and implemented automated phone systems and/or outsourced the function to other countries. With those strategies came customer frustration and eventual erosion of their business.

The tide is changing, now that many companies struggle to find ways to attract new customers. Customer retention is a key strategy in today's businesses with more value being placed on the customer experience. The client is again becoming a highly valued commodity as CEOs realize how easy it is to lose customers to competitors.

Customer support organizations are increasing their staffs to adjust to the more customer-centric model. Many job seekers can now find Customer services and support areas as a way to get back into the workforce. The opportunity to land a Support position is a key strategy that many unemployed workers can focus in on to become employed again.

Offering and adhering to the concept of superior customer service, a candidate can leverage this into an opportunity to get their foot in the door of small and large organizations. The customer sales and service functions are usually an entry point within the company that can be a launch point for migration to other areas of the organization.

In summary, if a candidate is looking for ways to get placed into an organization and can sell their skills to provide outstanding customer service the prospects of landing a job are much more favorable. The ability for a company to retain customers is key to growing their customer relationships and as part of that model, the employees that can align themselves to this mindset will go along way within that same company.

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